Sango Consulting is an independent management consultancy founded in 2006. We help organisations devise and deliver clear strategies, despite the complex and messy environments in which they operate. We also help deliver the organisational change required to survive and thrive. Recently, we have worked with a number of large government departments in turning policy intentions into organisational strategies, and then successfully operationalising these plans.


We have a passion to understand what truly makes organisations work, and to support managers in delivering plans which have a positive impact on both the workforce morale and the bottom line. Effectiveness is partly about process, structure and systems, but these are created and brought to life by people – they are the multiplier. And people often deliver better results when they understand the organisation’s direction of travel, and how their role fits in. 

The culture and habits you help create as an organisational leader are critical for success; Sango Consulting can help you identify and shape this energy, driving it in the right direction. The pace of travel also has to be right for the organisation, and this needs careful planning and expert advice.      

Sango was established by Steve Morley, who has twenty years experience working with over forty organisations.

The benefits of engaging Sango Consulting include:

  • Buying in skills as and when you need them 

  • No on-going recruitment and management costs, or additional overheads

  • Broad experience from working with over dozens of organisations of all sizes in the charity, private and public sectors

  • Excellent value, measurable results

  • Focus on developing your best resource – your people.

Sango works all over the UK, with a focus on England and Wales, and occasionally in Europe.



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