Sango has been engaged by numerous organisations on an ongoing basis to bring specific competencies, especially around marketing, communications and business development.

This has included successfully rebranding and creating effective marketing strategies for over a dozen private sector organisations.

Steve has worked for a number of under £10m turn-over private sector companies, especially in the property sector. This includes:

  • Planning

  • Development

  • Surveying

  • Professional Office services

Our work with propertyfirms is in branding, marketing and communications. We appreciate that many property firms understand the need for marketing and communications but may lack the necessary competencies in-house. Also it can be difficult to persuade busy people to focus on communications away from their ‘day jobs’.

We bring a communications and marketing skill-set to the team and ensure effective and efficient use of resources through understanding the need, planning ahead and getting best value from technical suppliers such as designers, web technicians, photographers and printers. 

We have experience in working closely with property firms to find the news stories, develop key messages, communicate consistently with selected audiences, and coordinate the work with communications professionals by closely managing agreed briefs.


Steve has helped us to think about who we are and how we communicate, both internally and externally. He helps make things happen and helpfully distils a broad understanding of communications and business development strategies into elements that are easy to understand. He engages with people to ensure their views are heard.
— Steve Fidgett, Managing Director Alliance Planning