Steve Morley was engaged to work with all levels of management to create a more flexible customer and results focused organisation.

Felixstowe was facing stiff competition from London Gateway, and senior management realised that a culture change was urgently needed. Management, especially in the Container Division, needed to be strengthened; it needed to be both more effective and efficient. 

Steve designed and delivered a number of management and leadership learning development programmes, many of which were ILM Level 3 accredited. In total, Steve worked with over 200 managers over a two year period, and was instrumental in introducing the first leadership programme for Charge Hands. Productivity increased by 20% in this period, and around 1,500 performance management conversations were held for the first time as a culture of performance management began to be accepted.

Steve also designed and led leadership and management development courses for support staff across the Port, in Departments such as IT, Engineering, Finance and HR. This ensured that management processes, systems and behaviours became consistent Port-wide, and a shared management language developed which drove the culture change. Steve coached a very senior manager throughout this period with successful results.